Thursday, November 14, 2013

36 Weeks!

Well, we are hopefully coming to a close of baby growing photos! Someone is ready for this to all be over =) 

We are anxiously awaiting Baby R's arrival. I dilated 3 cm at 35 weeks & was still 3 cm at my Dr. appt yesterday. My Doctors were all pretty excited at my progression & have said they think she will come early, but at this point it is just a waiting game. I was afraid even 36 weeks was a little early to be expecting her but they told me yesterday they consider her FULL TERM! YAY! Even if she comes next week, they will not try to stop labor because she is ready...I'm ready...for her that is! 
I may not be ready in the sense that we still have lots to do before family & friends come to visit. I'm trying to plan Greyson's birthday & work on Christmas at the same time! Plus, I would like some beds around for people to sleep in =) but it will get done one day at a time.
How Far Along: 36 weeks 3 days
Size of baby: 18 inches long & 6 lbs.
Weight gain so far: 14 lbs
Maternity Clothes: Still wearing some regular clothes, but mostly maternity at this point- starting to pull out clothes for cooler weather!
Gender: A Girl! So excited for her to make her arrival
Movement: Getting pretty snug in there...still feeling lots of movement but she's almost out of room!
Sleep: Actually getting a lot better! Haven't taken tylenol in quite awhile =) 
 Symptoms: Heartburn & back pain here & there- low iron so I am on iron pills until delivery- Thankfully NO swelling this time around! I think I might make it to delivery with regular sized feet!
What I miss: With so much going on, we have worked non-stop to get our house in order from moving & ready for the baby. I miss being able to do a lot of regular activities, but I have learned when I've overdone it & when I need to sit or take a break. I'm still working so that is a good excuse to prop my feet up for awhile!
Cravings: Anything sweet...homemade cinnamon rolls in the making right now!
Best Moment this week: Getting the kids rooms painted & being able to start setting up the nursery

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  1. You look great...I can't believe you've only gained 14 pounds! No fair :)
    You've been so busy this pregnancy, it seems. Hopefully you will have time to get everything to a place where you feel prepared for the family & activity whirlwind you will face over the next month. Best wishes on a smooth delivery. Can't wait to see pictures of Baby R!

    1. Maybe that's why! =) I run around after a toddler & since we moved I think I have gone non-stop just about since then. I probably gained more but I am going by my PRE-pregnancy weight. I had lost several lbs before gaining back, but I am definitely not as big as I was w/ Greyson in the weight category...belly wise I think I am MUCH larger! =) Thank you for the kind words!


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