Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2 Months!

This little girl has stolen so many hearts =)
She is growing so fast & has her daddy wrapped around her little this little doll baby!

so far you...

*weigh 12.6 lbs & are 22 inches long
*nurse every 3-4 hrs or longer if you take an extra long nap & get about 4-6 ounces per feeding...that good milk is making you chunky =) still only nurse from 5-30 minutes per feeding
*are a GREAT sleeper just like your brother was!! You started sleeping most of the night around a month old but still woke up pretty early like 4 or 5am. At 6 weeks you added a couple hrs & make it completely through the night without waking up. Our last feeding is usually between 9:30-10:30 & you sleep ALL night until 7 or eat again around that time & go back to sleep sometimes until 9:30am! 
*have been sleeping in your bassinet since you were born...still have not transitioned to the crib even though its in the same room with us now, but I like having you right beside me
*definitely like checking things are very curious!
*still love sleeping on your tummy & tummy time, but you haven't been sleeping on your tummy at night anymore...I know...we're rebels but I think that is what helped you sleep so good so early!
*can sit propped up...great neck & head love looking all around
*are very laid back...still only cry when you need something. I have figured out what most of your cry's mean -thanks to the baby language videos on youtube- so you are very content MOST of the time. There is one cry that I have decided just want HELD! When that happens nothing will calm you down until someone picks you up & cuddles...that's all it takes!
*wear mostly 0-3 or 3 month outfits now. Very FEW newborn things still fit
*can still fit into your newborn cloth diapers...barely though! I think you will be growing out of those VERY soon. Still in size 1 disposables
*celebrated your very first Valentines Day at your very first Dixie Nationals! It was your first trip away from home too! We had lots of got to wear your cowboy boots, go to the free style reining show & watch daddy show his horse. We had a great time! 
*visited Mimi in the hospital & celebrated Valentines Day with her & Poppie. She was admitted a couple days after we got home from the Dixie's =( She did not get a very good report so they decided to try Chemo. She finished her first 5 day treatment with very few side effects & seems to be doing great!! We got to see her when she came home & you finally started talking to her & gave her a big smile =)
*got to help host a baby shower for our friend Courtney. We can't wait to meet her little girl in a few more will be about 4 months apart & she will be your first little baby friend!

What we are looking forward to:
*Nana & Papa Ritchey coming to visit in a few weeks so Papa can go hunting
*Going back with Nana & Papa to visit friends & family in PA
*Aunt Richelle's baby shower!

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