Monday, February 3, 2014

2 Years!

Wow! Am I ever behind on posting an update on Greyson! He has learned so much it's hard to keep up...he is definitely starting the terrible 2 stage & has gotten a lot more vocal about his likes/dislikes & when he doesn't want to do something. I'm learning you can NOT reason with a 2 year old! While he is giving us quite a few reasons to sharpen our parenting skills (apparently I'm pretty consistent in my discipline via Nana...haha) he is still my sweet little boy who hands out kisses on a whim, tells me he loves me, prays the most adorable prayers at bed time & is able to do so much for me...makes me proud!! He's growing up too fast!! =( 

so far you...
*weigh 30 lbs (last time we checked in December) & are 35 inches tall
*LOVE cake & anything sweet but are generally a good eater overall...I can tell when you are growing because you start eating a ton & take super long naps...sometimes on your own! Today you asked me for 2 sandwiches at we go again! =)
*got to take a 2 week long road trip with mommy back in September. You met lots of extended family & friends & your great grandparents for the first time! You did really good being away from daddy that whole was a fun way to kick off all the new stuff going on in our family these days
*are a huge fan of Curious George & Thomas the Train....HUGE & your favorite movie is Planes
*remember things so well...names, events, things you did 3 weeks ago...& you repeat just about everything...NOT so good all the time! 
*still play so well by yourself. It makes my life so much easier not having to entertain you all the time while I'm trying to do house work or feed the baby
*LOVE being a big brother! You are a little obsessive sometimes & have given me a few heart attacks (i.e. getting her out of her swing & carrying your week old baby sister across the living room) BUT you are a BIG helper & can even make her stop crying with your "shhh's" & cute little remarks. You try sharing your toys, read her books, give lots of kisses & hugs, put her paci in her mouth when she needs it & when I think you are "too" in her face, you like to tell me that you are "just telling her Hi" LOL 
*adjusted to a new home, a new sister & a new room with a big boy bed! You have slept pretty well, waking up a few times in the night to ask for a drink, or bees (the bear) but told daddy to go back to his own room when he was done =) I think you are fine
*talk 90 miles an hour about anything & everything...your favorite past time is talking to family members of the phone 
*randomly started potty training at a friends said you had to go & you went! Your buddy Jace said he was proud of you to which you replied...Thank you! haha I guess we need to start focusing on that now
*wear mostly 2T clothes, size 6-8 shoes (depending on brand)
*could spend all day at the barn, checking the cows, & riding the "machines" if we let you...daddy is gonna LOVE it when you are old enough to help with the horses & cleaning stalls =)
*got a little pony named Baby Girl from Poppy & Mimi. You love to ride her & any horse for that matter!
*got your first pair of real cowboy boots for usually put them on at some point during the day
*got to play in our first snow of the year in Alabama & built your first snowman, made your first snow angel & went sled riding for the first time too!
*were in your first Christmas program (well 2nd technically since you were baby Jesus at 2 weeks old 2 years ago) & just started Sunday School at church =) 
*are starting to get a little defiant in the way of saying "no"  =( & if you don't want to do something it takes you a long time to come around. 3 hrs to clean up a mess...can we say strong willed!! I have a feeling that sort of comes from me...ehhh
*are also starting the temper tantrum stage...oh joy
*have an answer to everything HA it's kind of funny sometimes...

What we are looking forward to:
*Going to Dixie Nationals next week
*Nana & Papa coming back to visit in March!

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