Thursday, June 19, 2014

5 Months!

My sweet girl is growing so fast! 

so far you...

*weigh 16.9 lbs & are 26 inches long
*nurse sporadically every 2 - 4 hrs depending on how long you sleep during the day. You are getting about 4-6 oz at a time & take 7 oz in a bottle
*sleep about 8-9 hrs a night, wake up to eat about 6am & snooze until 8:30am
*sleep in your crib during the night & cuddle with mommy & sometimes Greyson after your first morning feeding
*are getting good at sitting up & playing with all your toys
*like watching Greyson & talking to him, he loves entertaining you & you just laugh & laugh
*have started talking a lot more -- babbling all day long with lots of squeals & screams
*won't stay on your tummy very long usually roll over after a few minutes
*are pretty snug in size 2 diapers & moved up to medium size pre-folds with M/L covers...also in one size all in ones now that your newborns are packed away
*wearing some 3-6 month clothes but are mostly in 6-12 mo sizes, 6+ month sleepers & size 1-2 shoes  
*spend time in your bouncy seat, swing & most recently the jumperoo! You like to bounce & bounce
*are great with new people & don't cry when someone new holds you. You are just fascinated with new things & new people
*are just as nosy as ever...have to know everything that is going on!
*are quickly becoming a poppie's girl & you like visiting all of your family members
*love riding in the Kabota with daddy & seeing all the animals- horses, cows, turtles...but especially the baby cows that come over to check you out...after a long ride it usually puts you to sleep
*are still a huge fan of bath time! This month you switched to the big tub & just splash & splash
*spent 5 weeks in a pavlik harness for hip displasia just to find out there was a huge mistake at the dr. office...(more on that later) but we are SO glad you are happy, healthy & that nothing is wrong with your hips! God answered a huge prayer for us! 

What we are looking forward to:
*Camp meeting 
*The arrival of Baby Girl Ritchey
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