Tuesday, October 21, 2014

9 Months!

         so far you...

*weigh 19.8 lbs & are 28.5 inches long! You only gained 2 oz in the last few weeks because of getting so mobile
*still nurse about 4-5 times a day. Drink water & a little juice from a sippy cup when needed or eating solids. You eat pretty much anything we eat...but you HATE bananas! I cannot get you to eat those...ever!
*have 8 teeth!! The 2 other bottom ones have just started poking through so they aren't very noticeable yet but I just can't believe how many you have already...
*sleep anywhere from 6-8 hrs a night with usually 2 naps during the day...we are working on cutting out the night time wakings & going back to sleeping through the night
*love to play with new toys & books. You are still very curious & like to dig through drawers, bags & anything you can reach to see "whats in there"
*are known for your "growl" that has become a fun little game for you. Lots of "talking" goes on & you love laughing! I see a personality taking shape...you grunt a disapproval if you don't get your way =)
*wave bye bye & can say "bye bye" when you wave too. Say Mama, Dada & Pah Cah (patty cake) You try to mimic anything we say to you & it usually sounds about right!
*are very mobile...we have to watch what you pull up on & you crawl all over the house. Can't get up or down steps but we catch you "working" on it. You are a little dare devil...sometimes you even try to stand up on your own in the middle of the floor but I'm not ready for you to walk yet...=/
*are in size 3-4 disposable diapers & still in medium size pre-folds with M/L covers...also in one size all in ones (bumgenius)... you have cut down on the use of diapers considerably & we are saving a lot with our cloth dipes. We pretty much just use all in ones at home...
*wearing 9-12 mo size clothes depending on brand, 12-18 month sleepers & size 2 shoes  
*are very good with people but starting to be a mommy's girl. You don't go to everyone like you used to but you have done well the last couple times you have stayed with babysitters. As long as you aren't left alone you are usually fine
*still like to know everything that is going on & hate to be left out of things! If ANYONE leaves you a lone you cry or go on a mission to find out where we are
*are showing independence & strong will! Greyson has been playing with you very well but sometimes somewhat rough (as boys do) & you sure tell him what you think of that! 
*love riding & being outdoors...every time we ride on the kabota you fall asleep!
*do not like hats...headbands & sticky bows you can deal with for the most part, but forget about hats! We hope to break this before super cold weather comes around...
*got your 9 month pictures take by mommy & courtney! You did SO good & had so much fun
*did not enjoy your 9 month check up & you didn't even get any shots... I think you were over the atmosphere & the time it took just to see the dr. Next visit will be a doozy...

What we are looking forward to: 

*Going to the our Fall Festival Party & Trunk or Treat
*First trip to the Pumpkin Patch
*Seeing Nana & Papa early November!
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