Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fun Florida Weekend

Shortly after Mimi's funeral, our family took a trip to Hobe Sound, Florida.
It was nice to get a way for a few days & just be with family & friends...In the mean time, we were able to celebrate a very special couple with some VERY exciting news! =)

 Look who's getting MARRIED!!!

 We can't wait for Jacinda to join our family! 

 The kids had SO much fun at the beach... it was Rilynn's first time to see the ocean!! She loved it! 

We love going to is one of our favorite places to visit. It was so beautiful while we were there...

Already calling her "Aunt Cinda" =)

 Off to the beach again with daddy!

The water was gorgeous!

Our bff Sylvia! She was SO sweet to come help our family during such a difficult time. She kept things rolling, food on the table, & everything clean. She was such a huge help & I don't know what I would have done without her! The kids absolutely LOVE her & they ask about her all the time =)

 One of our favorite places in Florida-- The Jupiter Lighthouse

And of course...eating at Jetty's

Excited for this bride to be! We were celebrating her & Jac's engagement =)

Fun with friends 

Love these girls!

Spotting fish...I just love the water color

 Hanging out with Uncle B!

 Poppie loves this little girl...she has him wrapped around her finger!

 The best daddy I could ever imagine!! Looking so handsome =) I love being married to him!

Our little family. We are truly blessed...Matt already wants more kids, but this looks kinda perfect to me for now =)

We had such a nice time in Florida...can't wait to go back for the big wedding!!! 
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