Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fall Festivities

We had so much fun taking the kids to several activities this Fall. These were all "firsts" for Rilynn & Greyson loved being with all his little friends!

Our play group had a Fall Party where everyone dressed up. I made Greyson's Halloween costume this year & it wasn't quite ready for the fall party so he went as...a cowboy! Rilynn got her little strawberry costume from her Nana for her first Christmas. I was excited that she was finally able to wear it & she looked SO cute =)

We made an attempt to get all of the little kids in a group pictures, but it was pretty much impossible. They would come & go or cry or NOT look at the camera =) This was about the best I got. We were missing 1 or 2 kids but this was the majority. It was so fun to see all the kids dressed up in their little costumes! We had lots of play time, finger food snacks that were SO good & it was great MOM time conversation. I love these little parties & getting together with friends.

A week or so later, we took the kids to the Pumpkin Patch during the festival & civil war reenactment! Once again, we kept with tradition & went with our friends so the kids could all be together. Emily made the cutest pumpkin shirts for the boys last year & they still fit!! So we just added one for Rilynn. I just love having them in these matching shirts...very festive & so fun. 

 My bff Emily & I just happened to wear the same sweater, but as the temperature kept climbing over 80* I took mine off & ended up getting quite the sunburn!

These 2 are so cute!!
Jace is Greyson's best little buddy & they ask about each other all the time. =)

My beautiful friend Emily, her niece & little boy Jace posing for a picture. Her husband Matt & sister Allison were there too. They just looked so cute with their pumpkins so I snapped this picture...Greyson was on a pumpkin hunt in the background.

This little cutie joined us for the first time as well! Natalie, Neil & Courtney got to show Natalie her first pumpkin patch experience. We propped her up on a pumpkin & she was just as happy as could be. She looked super cute in her little pumpkin shirt too & Courtney made the girls the adorable little pumpkin hair bows for the occasion. 

We didn't get ALL the kids in a picture together, but we did manage to get these 3 together...even if they didn't want to look at the camera! 

FUN times for sure!!

Next was our Trunk or Treat at our church. We hosted it on Halloween night so we could have as many kids as possible come from the community. We had games, a prize drawing for a free Pizza supper & of course candy! One of the best things about doing this from our church is the interaction with the families & being able to invite them to church, pass out tracts & set up the prayer station. We have lots of prayer requests as a result & it is always a great way to connect with those around us.

Our trunk theme was a Farmers Market to go along with Rilynn's strawberry costume. She was the center piece & we passed little fruit snacks instead of chocolate just to mix it up a little bit.
I always like to incorporate some kind of spiritual message with our theme so being a Farmer's Market, I added the Fruit of the Spirit sign.

Rilynn did so good hanging out in her chair! Greyson finally got to wear his Thomas costume & was the cutest little conductor at the T&T! I will have a tutorial on making his costume later...

This little cutie was a bumble bee & had her own little hive & pot of honey to hang out with!! Courtney did such an adorable job on the details! SOOO cute!!! 

We had quite a few kids show up & the games got started.

Greyson enjoyed passing out our fruit snacks to all the little trick or treaters...

THEN it started raining...& pouring! & cut our trunk or treat about an hour shorter than normal. We still had SO many people come by but decided to close up early & head off to Gmama's & her neighbors house. First we stopped at Mr. Hubbards...he always likes to see the kids & give them candy =)

 Gmama adds gifts to her candy so it's almost like getting a birthday present early!! 

They got such cute things! We love our Gmama!!

Natalie got in on the gifts too so we got to snap a picture of the girls together in their costumes =)

Next it was off to Aunt Maudine & Uncle Jimmy's house! She does the same & gives more gifts than candy! They love it =)

All around it made for a good Trick or Treating night & the kids ended up sharing some of their goody's =) 

I love fall...the crisp air, the falling leaves & all the fun activities we can do as a family. Its my favorite time of year!! 

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