Friday, December 19, 2014

Greyson's 3rd Birthday!

It's that time of year again where we celebrate LOTS of birthdays! 
Greyson turned 3 years old on December 9th & Rilynn turned 1 year old on December 10th. I can't believe how fast this year went...Greyson seemed so little when Rilynn was born & now they are both so big! 
Of course being Rilynn's first birthday, I am doing a big party for her so our families can celebrate with us. She did get to eat a little bit of cake on her actual birthday but we are celebrating her on December 22nd when Nana & Papa are in town visiting for Christmas. 
So, this year, Greyson got to have another birthday all to himself. I plan to combine them from here on out & just do bigger parties on special birthdays. I figured since this was his last one that he didn't have to SHARE, I would throw him a Cars themed party! He loves CARS especially Lightning McQueen & Mater. 
He was thrilled with his party & was so exciting to see McQueen on everything =)

*Flo's V8 Cafe - Refueling station* 
(thankfully none of the kids could read so no fear of them actually thinking this stuff is ok to drink!)
The cake table was full of "Piston Cup Prizes" for everyone to take home.

Another amazing cake done by our awesome friend Courtney Shirah! 

*Mater's Nuts & Bolts - Luigi's Tower of Tires* 
A certain little boy got into the donuts =)

*McQueen's Pit Stop Sweet Snacks*
Oreo truffels, chocolate covered oreos & chocolate covered ritz crackers & peanut butter! 

*Sarge's Stop Light Brownies - Sally's Cozy Cones*

The stop light center piece 

Gift & kids table

Greyson wouldn't smile, he just wanted to talk during the pictures 

Our family & friends that were able to come.

Last family photo before we have a 3 year old! (we celebrated Sunday & he turned 3 on Tuesday)

Singing Happy Birthday to himself =)

 Blow those candles out!

Time for presents!

Lots of gifts centered around "CARS"

Uncle B & Uncle Jac thought they had saved the best for last. A ginormous Fire Engine that was bigger than Rilynn & as long as Greyson is tall! They were pretty proud of this gift. It was a huge hit with all of the kids...even Rilynn loves pushing it around & she could ride it! 

But Poppy had an even BIGGER surprise!! 

He found this little tractor & wagon at the John Deere dealership in Mississippi. Who knows how long he'd been carrying it around in his trailer. 

Greyson wanted to ride in the wagon =)

We had church, we had a big birthday dinner together celebrating this funny little boy, & great presents afterwards. It was a good day!!! Unfortunately I ended up with a horrible migraine literally as soon as the party was over & had to lay down...I missed church that night & didn't do much at all until the next day.
Here's hoping Rilynn's birthday party is much more enjoyable at the end! 

I had so much fun putting this little party together at Poppy's house. It was fun celebrating this little life that has brought us so much joy, nothing can even compare. These years are going by so fast & I am choosing to take each day at a time as slowly as I can =) 
We love you, Greyson!

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