Monday, September 26, 2016

Fun Fall Decor Hack

Fall is a favorite time of year for me.
I love the crisp air, falling leaves & fun decorations. Everything feels warm & cozy.

I wanted to share some of our transitions to fall with a fun little decor hack I learned awhile back.

My Fall Decor tip of the day is--- FABRIC. Pretty-simple.
 You can do SO MUCH with a piece of fabric & keep it for all kinds of projects. 
I don't own a sewing machine, so any no-sew project is usually the one I end up with.  

This fall, I have been seeing TONS of adorable plaid or checked pillows!! I love the look & wanted some of my own. I have quite a few pillows already & my husband rolls his eyes at the thought of MORE, so I have tried to condense my stash down by going the pillow cover route from Etsy or Hobby Lobby. Either way, the checked pillows I have seen are closer to $30 for one & covers usually run half of that, give or take. I saw an ADORABLE set of big Buffalo black & white checked pillows that were more than $50... so to save some money I used this fun pillow cover idea & love what I get out of it! =) 

Lay fabric out & set the pillow form in the center or diagonally. 
For this pillow, I ended up covering it at a diagonal, so imagine the pillow being slightly adjusted so the flat edge of the pillow is pointing at the corner of the fabric.

Cover the pillow by bringing the corner across the middle of the pillow. Fold the other corner in making a flat edge, then fold the flat edge over the middle of the pillow for a finished seam.

The middle "seam" can be adjusted higher to become hidden.

Next you will treat the folding process much like wrapping a gift. 
With the outer corners left, fold into triangles & bring together at the center.

I prefer tying a cute knot & leaving the ends out like the photo below, but you can tuck them in & turn the pillow around if you don't want the folds & knot to show. 

When I couldn't find any budget friendly pillows I liked, I decided to browse the fabric section at Hobby Lobby. I found a whole section of cute plaid & checked patterns in flannel. I couldn't decide which ones I liked the best so I went with these 2 options. 

For the black & white, I didn't want the checks to be at a diagonal, so I centered the pillow in the middle matching the square fabric. Since the sides don't end up making neat corners, the flat edge "triangle" fold becomes a little more bulky when wrapping & it is not easily tied. 

To fasten, I just overlapped the edges & secured it with 2 large safety pins. One underneath & one showing but this pillow is displayed on the other side, so no folds show! 

They are super soft flannel pieces & 1 yard of each fabric took care of 2, 16x16 pillows. They fit larger 20x20 pillow forms, but the ends of the knot are shorter & not as decorative.

This gray knotted plaid was $8.99/yard

This black & white checked flannel was $7.99/yard

I loved how they turned out...
Most people would press the fabric for better creases, but this flannel was on the thin side & very easy to work with. 

But...that's NOT ALL!! 

Using fabric allows for a multitude of other uses. 


1 yard goes a long way! Makes a cute table cloth center piece, or any other table decor idea.

And a personal favorite... this flannel is perfect for blanket scarfs!! 
When I first saw the fabric, I was hesitant to use it until this idea popped into my head. If it didn't work for pillows, I could turn them into scarves!!

I know when I switch out my pillow covers for Christmas decor, I'll definitely keep warm in these this winter. =) 

If you can't find that perfect pillow, or just love switching out patterns & colors like I do, give this tip a try! These fabrics were not even on sale at the time, so use a coupon or wait until they are for an even better deal.

Here is a little look at some of my fall decor this year. My favorite items to decorate with are definitely cotton stems & color scheme is more copper warm tones. I even found this adorable candle {Vanilla Pumpkin} to match & it smells amazing. 

I am already looking forward to next year though... I'm a little tired of the dark photos & 0 natural light in my living room. This time next fall, we should be completely done with a major house renovation! We have been in the planning stages since May & our designer is about finished with the drawings. We're talking open concept living space, taller ceilings & lots of windows!! 
Walls are definitely coming down people!! 

I'm also planning to update a few pieces of furniture & have a huge yard sale. That little white side table in my bathroom is sitting in my future closet! So things will definitely be switching spots around the house. We are getting so excited, but must get through this years holidays before we decide to tear everything up. 

I hope you have a happy FALL ya'll!! 

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