Friday, September 16, 2016

Summer is Ending

In less than one week, it will officially be Autumn! 

We have had a wonderful, fun-filled summer. 
I love summer! It had good days & bad, but hardly any under 80* =)

Here are some of the highlights... 

Playing in the creek

Celebrating Mommy's 30th Birthday- May 4th

And Mother's day a few days later... Greyson sure loved all the pictures.

2016 Machinery Show was held in Richmond, VA

We ate at fancy restaurants, went swimming, visited Williamsburg, VA & attended the show.

Nana & Papa came to visit all the way from Pennsylvania! Rilynn was not in the mood for picture taking =) 

We went to McWane Science Center, out to eat, fished, went shopping & had all kinds of fun!! 

Matt threw me an official 30th Birthday party with family & friends... I am so glad my parents were there to enjoy it!

 We became, Aunt, Uncle & first cousins, 3 times over in the same week!! Uncle Matt & Aunt Mindy welcomed Twins- Landen & Reagan! 6 days later, Uncle Brandon & Aunt Richelle welcomed another little girl- Palmer Caroline. Their big sister's are both doing a GREAT job!! =)

 We had lots of play dates at the Splash Pad!

Went boating & fishing on our lake =) 

Enjoyed the gorgeous flowers around our home

 And celebrated 10 whole years of marriage. We had a fleeting opportunity to celebrate in London & Paris!! But I may have passed it up prematurely...looking back I think we should have gone for it, but this momma had been watching a little too much of the news (it didn't help that the bombing in Brussels happened the day we got passport applications =( And I just couldn't work out plans to be away from the kids. 
Instead, we had a sweet night out, bought each other practical gifts (lol) & decided to wait on that Europe trip until our 25 yr anniversary!! HAHA 

We celebrated the amazing father's in our lives...

And our country's birthday - July 4th

Later that month, we took a traveling trip to Indiana where I was able to be reunited with 3 of my childhood friends, college besties & bridesmaids! It was definitely a treat to see these girls, catch up & have some fun together.

We headed over to Ohio & got to spend a few days with my grandparents. We took a 4 generation picture with my grandpa! 

Great G'ma & G'pa with 4 out of their MANY great grandchildren.

The original 5! My Uncle Jeff, Aunt Sandi, Mom & grandparents. Looking pretty good if I do say so myself!

Next, we made it to Uncle Brandon's house down by Columbus, OH where Aunt Chelle took some family pictures! Our favorite photographer~ =) 

And we got to celebrate cousin Everlee's 2nd Birthday! 
We had good food, played at the playground/splash pad, worked on crafts from Nana, visited Uncle Brandon at work (Ohio Christian University & took a tour)

snuggled baby Palmer

And had a great time with family & friends during Everlee's party.

We celebrated another little cousin's birthday in September! Little Ronan had his very1st one & it was sooo sweet. We love that little man!

My mom (NANA) BEAT cancer & finished all of her treatments August 9th!! She got to ring the bell & walk out of the cancer clinic for the last time. We are so thankful for her recovery, for the many many prayers that went up on her behalf & for the fruitful time this was in our lives. It was not easy by any stretch, but God drew us closer & made us stronger in HIM because of it. We hope the cancer stays away forever...right now she is cancer free.

Summer isn't complete without spending time with other "littles" and SWIMMING!

In the creek

Or at the pool!

We had a fun day with friends Jace & Emie before Baby Jude made his appearance....

And mommy took Greyson to Uncle John & Aunt Amy's for one last free day before he started school!

I think their favorite part was seeing Max =) 

Then it was time for Greyson to start K4 at Trinity Christian Academy!
He was excited & a little nervous. He has already learned so much & LOVES his teacher =)

We've welcomed some new animals..

Peyton the Paint Horse

And a few new friends =) 

Baby Jude Nash is the sweetest! 

We had a lot of great moments, made amazing memories & thanked the Lord for his blessings & mercies to us. We lost some loved ones, our cousin, Baby Eden Rain (stillborn) & Matt's Uncle Lewis (cancer) this year & yet Heaven got a little sweeter. We had sad times & glad times....time is going by more quickly than ever. Change is coming, change is happening. I can't do anything about that! But I know who holds tomorrow...& I know who holds my hand. 

We are ready for the Fall season to start!
Bring on the pumpkin spice everything =) 

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