Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mama Ritchey

For the past several months, my grandmother has been declining in her health.
It started with an emergency surgery (that she was not supposed to recover from) & ever since she has faced one thing after another. Just as she would work to get stronger, something else would set her back...she spent 8 weeks in the hospital! The Dr's have been amazed that she is still hanging on & have said countless times that the only reason she is here is because of the love of her family, being well taken care of & most importantly...God!
This was during one of my long visits to PA in September 2012. She was in the rehab part of the hospital. 

She has been one of the most godly influences in my life. She doesn't go away from a conversation without mentioning her faith in God & witnessing in some sort of way. She is a fighter...she LOVES life but she also knows what awaits her on the other side. 

Eventually she was put back in the hospital with another complication...she was so weak she didn't even want to eat...but guess who made her! My dad & Uncle are making sure she does everything she can to get well again. She finally made it out of the hospital & into a nursing home.

Our last visit to Pennsylvania was during the Thanksgiving Holiday. We were able to visit her in the nursing home & get a few pictures of her & Greyson.

She loves Greyson so much & is always so excited to see him. I don't know how much longer we'll have with Mama but we are thankful for the legacy that she has left with us in her life & the fact that she showed us all what it meant to truly be a Christian. She loves the Lord...that is evident =)

During Thanksgiving, we always celebrate Christmas with Mama. It has been a tradition ever since my grandparents became snow birds & left right after the Holiday to go to Florida over the winter months. My Aunt had signs made for everyone in the family of what we have deemed...Mama's slogan. 
As we opened the package & read the sign...I remembered hearing her say these words SO often over my lifetime. In fact, as I left her room in the hospital, during my September visit, this was the last thing I heard come out of her mouth =) 
"Snuggle up to Jesus" - Mama 

I love my Mama, & she is an inspiration! We have precious memories...& however long the Lord sees fit to keep her with us, we will continue to be blessed by her presence. 

This was the last photo I took of her with Greyson (to date). Her hands, holding his little ones. It is & will be a treasured photo for the rest of our lives. Her hands hold so much wisdom in the wrinkles they show, & Greyson's tiny, innocent, smooth hands...they haven't done much, they haven't been aged, but they have been held by an angel! 

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