Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Birthday Buddies & Goodbyes

Kylee Alexis (one of Greyson's little "girl friends") had her 1st birthday party!
Since the day she was born, we have dubbed her with Owls. It only seemed fitting that they would also be the theme of her party. Everything was SOOOO cute!! 

The birthday girl wore a shirt, done by the talented Emily Powell

She had a headband/bow & matching tutu to complete her party outfit!

 Time to sing Happy Birthday! Greyson was super excited for cake & tried to wait as patiently as he could before he had a piece of his own =)

Presents are always so cute for one year olds...I had so much fun shopping for a little girl! =)

We also got to celebrate our good friend, Courtney's 26th birthday. She has been a great "addition" to our family (even if we aren't related) so we had to make sure we got her presents & cake =)

In other news, we said goodbye to one of our family members. We decided to find our kitty Tinker Bell a new home with a nice lady in our church. It kinda looks like we are praying with her as she moves to her new home! haha

With a new baby on the way & lots of things happening, we thought it was best for her to get more attention from someone else since she probably wouldn't get as much at our house. Greyson & I said our final goodbyes & gave her our last little pats.

We've had miss Tinky since we got married over 7 years ago. We will miss her a lot since she really was part of the family! She traveled with us everywhere & it was nice to have her keeping us company. When Greyson came along, her name was one of the first words he said & he asks about her frequently. I know she will be well taken care of & we can go over to visit her whenever we want =) She may be coming out on the higher end of the deal since she won't have a toddler grabbing her tail, throwing toys at her or playing too rough...she does look rather stressed! 

So far, I've heard good things from her new adoptive parents. They said she comes out of her shell a little more each day & seems to be fitting in nicely. Maybe as she gets older, she will appreciate the quietness of her new home instead of the LOUD, noisy one that she came from...which is about to get a little more noisy once the baby comes & adds crying to the mix =)

We will always love our little Tinker Bell!
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